FW: [Yaesu] CAT Interface

Brian K. Short ke7gh@primenet.com
Thu, 5 Sep 1996 18:19:49 +-100

1) CW keying can be accomplished from the same port as CAT
   (I prefer to use LPT ports and also use the N6TR PTT, and
    keyer paddle inputs)
2) Yaesu FIF-232 does not include CW keying (sold one w/FT-980)
3) Have built numerous variations on the level converter theme
   a) old 1488/1489 requiring dual polarity supply
   b) MAX-232 with single 5v supply
   c) 2 transistor with no supply required
   d) combinations of above
4) Homebrew level converters worked with FT-990, FT-890, FT-736,
   FRG-9600, Icom versions for R-7000 and IC-706
5) Wired CAT interfaces are available from many sources these days
6) Likewise for CW keying (e.g. LTA has CW w/paddle input and
   DVK output for LPT port at $45 303-565-9950), but I built my own
7) Common LPT port pin assignment are available on my www pages:
8) Can supply simple schematic(s) on request for CAT
9) I am GLAD the FT-1000MP has builtin RS-232, new trend I hope!

Let me know if I can be of further assistance, ke7gh@contesting.com

>>I'm thinking about purchasing the CAT interface for use with a FT-900.
>>Will the interface key CW when I'm using CT or TR?  Or do I need a
>>separate interface for that?

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