[Yaesu] CAT Interface

Gene Eighmy eighmy@scott.net
Thu, 5 Sep 1996 19:04:20 -0500

> I'm thinking about purchasing the CAT interface for use with a FT-900.
> Will the interface key CW when I'm using CT or TR?  Or do I need a
> separate interface for that?
> Thanks.
> - Jay/K4OGG

I built the CAT interface that's in the '96 Callbook.  It works well with
the FT-900 as long as you add a 4.7k pull down resistor to the Serial Out
line coming from the FT-900.  I am not sure which line the Yaesu CAT
interface uses for the PTT line on the FT-900 CAT port but CT allows you a
limited amount of choices for the CW key line (DTS, CTS ??).  If any of
these match with the PTT line, it should work.

If you're interested in a FT-900 control program that runs under Windows,
let me know.  I am in the process of writing one.  To date I have about 80%
of the available functions implemented including real-time display of both
VFO's and an S/PO meter.  

Gene Eighmy
Birmingham, AL

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