[Yaesu] FT-1000D / FIF-232C / NA 10.04

Robert Wanderer aa0cy@robertwanderer.gardnerville.nv.us
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 21:00:34 -0700

Just got my (used) D and tried to connect it to the computer.  No go.
Radio VFO locked up and program said wasn't on contest band and
the blue highlight on the bands jumped around.  Tried the normal mode
on the FIF (little switch next to thetransformer); the radio VFO was OK,
but the program locked up (no Alt-F1/2).
	Same difference with a cable adapter which removed the pull up
resistors (R1 and R2 from seeing the COM port.  I know the serial
port and the COM to FIF cable is OK as it worked with my Kenwood 940/IF232C.
	COM port set to 8N2, 4800 baud.
	Don't recall if the CAT on the 1000D lit up.  The FIF went back
to Burghardt and another's on its way.
	HOWEVER, someone said that earlier FT1000s didn't work
with contest programs and a PROM upgrade was implemented.  Is this
true?  My unit's serial # is 0J090288, is it affected?  Would a new 1000D
have this PROM upgrade?
	Respond to burghart@daknet.com as well as me.
	Thanks and 73,
	Bob AA0CY

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