[Yaesu] FR100MP Processor

Steve Mutkin Steve_Mutkin@wgs.co.uk
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 15:06:34 +0100


Can anyone please explain to me how the processor on the 100MP works.

It appears to be completely different to that implemented on the FT990.

After following the instructions in the manual about setting up the
processor and the ALC I find that if I want to reduce the level of
compression by turning the processor control anti-clockwise the power
level is also reduced until it is zero with the processor control at

1)	How can I keep the same level of power but use a low level of 

2)	The manual says that the RF control (with the processor switched 	on)
is used to drive the level of the ALC. 
 	Why is this different to saying it alters the level of power 	
output?.....Or is it different?



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