[Yaesu] AMP Pin Out

Dave Jordan wa3gin@erols.com
Tue, 04 May 1999 10:57:32 -0400


This is just an idea but I'd recommend on questions like Charles's the
originator add the Yaesu technical support email address.  Sometimes,
putting them infront of a reflector gets them to think a bit longer before
answering a question.



Johnson, Charles R, PERSCOM wrote:

> Good morning, can any one give the correct pin out to contact a FT-990 to a
> Kenwood 922 AMP??  I have talked to Yaesu and they gave me two sets of pin
> outs which did not work.  The service manual and operator manual don't
> agree, so I hope some one out there can help me get the right pin outs.
>                                               73
>                                         Charles/N3HFO
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>               Encoding: base64

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