[Yaesu] Strange Problem with FT-1000MP Mark-V when Transmitting

W3YX@aol.com W3YX@aol.com
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 21:21:04 EDT

Hello All,

I recently started noticing an unusual problem with my now 2 month old 
Mark-V.  I wondered if anyone on the list has seen this before I call Yaesu.

When I transmit, especially using full break-in CW, I notice that the PO 
levels will peak at 400 W and then fall back down to whatever level it is 
actually putting out.  I thought this was odd.  After trying to rule out a 
few things (I first started noticing it when using the FTV-1000 on 6 meters - 
the HF PA section isn't even supposed to be  powered so it really got my 
attention) I finally found out what is going on but I don't know how to fix 

I ruled out the FTV-1000.  With it completely disconnected the symptons still 
happened.  I finally noticed that it only seems to happen when the DUAL 
feature is off and you are only using the main VFO.  Everytime I transmit the 
SUB RCVR indicator comes on and the S-meter on the sub-receiver is activated 
(and this is when the sub receiver is disabled - the TX and RX are both set 
for the main VFO).  If I activate the sub receiver the symptons disappear and 
the PO readout operates normally.

Has anyone else seen this?  I find it somewhat annoying but I am more 
concerned that I don't damage the radio somehow.  If anyone has any thoughts 
on this I would appreciate hearing them.

Thanks and 73,
Scott, W3YX

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