[Yaesu] Mark V w/Linear Amp Problems

jlopez at plasticosomega.com jlopez at plasticosomega.com
Sun Dec 28 18:31:39 EST 2003


I just had been using my new Mark V for few hours and I found the behavior 
shown below, wich I dont know if its normal. 

The rig is feeding a Ten-Tec Centurion Amp after wich there is a Ten-Tec 
antenna tuner between the amp and the antenna. 

My antenna has 1.4 swr so the tuner is bypassed and with the amp in standby 
mode there is no problem but if I operate the amp the swr shown at the Mark 
V goes to 3 or 4 but the swr meter at the antenna tuner in by-pass mode 
shows 1.4. 

What could be happening??? 

Advice welcome,
73's de Javier

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