[Yaesu] 1980s -- FV-901 VFO Mods/Sche/ Fox NL

Mark Tyler k5gq at juno.com
Mon Jun 2 16:18:59 EDT 2003

First -- the rig, FT901 came out in the early 80s.
The current technology was fuseable link; and Eproms.
Not suitable for the application.

I have many of the FT newsletters.
The VFO was never covered.
I did not purchase it when I got the FT 901
I have done tried all of the of the FT901 mods except two.
None of them addressed the memory button for the vfo.


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Hi, Jim-
Although I'm not familiar with that specific Yaesu VFO,
and have never seen a schematic, I have a strong hunch
that they may have included a battery backup for
memorized data. If yours is losing data, it might be
nothing more than your batteries gave out. In some
radios (I'm thinking Kenwood 930 here), the batteries
were just a few AA cells. They were in a holder in my
930. Sometimes very old batteries will leak and mess
up the area around them. Should be easy to check if
your VFO has backup batteries, and if so, to replace
them. You might find a button style lithium battery
instead, but I doubt it.

I was trying to guess why you would want to leave
power always on, since these VFOs usually stabilize
very fast after turnon, and are usually rock-steady
within a half hour to an hour. If your batteries have
failed, you would of course have no saving of your
memorized settings.  73, David K3KY 

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Subject:        	[Yaesu] FV-901 VFO Mods and Schematic and FT Newsletters

> Hello Group
> Has anyone ever heard of a modification for the 901 VFO to keep the memory 
> alive with the power off?
> Does anyone have or know how I can find a copy of the schematic for this 
> VFO.  I will pay for an original or a good copy.
> Was the 901 line covered to any extent by the FT Newsletter?
> 73 and Thanks in advance.
> Jim WA3TPF
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