[Yaesu] YAESU FR-101

wim pa7wb pa7wb at euronet.nl
Mon Jun 2 19:46:44 EDT 2003

I have a question
I  have the FL-101 and FR-101 and YO-100
I try to renovate them and conserv them but ik have a missing part in the FL-101.
The part is a pcb board  AF PB-1407 (rf unit).
I am looking for a photo copy from the layout of this pcb board 
and the information of the 2 coil's on this board t106 and t107.
If someone have this information, please send it bij email to me 
 pa7wb at euronet.nl so that I can make the pcb board. 
the cost a will pay.
If it is possible many Thanks.  

Best Regards
Wim Pa7wb

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