[Yaesu] STU -- FT-101 6146 modification - DON'T DO IT !!

David Sinclair k3ky at erols.com
Thu Jun 12 02:08:28 EDT 2003

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Date sent:      	Thu, 12 Jun 2003 01:26:05 +0000
From:           	Carol L Maher <w4clm.ham at juno.com>
Subject:        	[Yaesu] STU -- FT-101 6146 modification - DON'T DO IT !!

> Stu,
> I just read your posting about modifying the FT-101E over to
> 6146 finals.  For God's sake man, DON'T DO IT.
> Let me clarify for you why.


> If you want an FT-101 that has a pair of 6146 finals
> then find yourself an FT-101ZD.  I think you will be a far happier camper
> in the long run.
> Best Regards for now and if you decide to do it anyway.
> GOOD LUCK my friend.
> 73's
> Carol L. Maher

Carol's comments about keeping the original 6JS6C finals
make a lot of sense to me, though I have not personally
owned any of that series of Yaesu rigs. I have owned ( and
still do own) an FT-101ZD, and I can tell you that it has 
been one of my all time favorite radios in my ham career.
I worked more rare DX with that radio than you could shake
a stick at, and it always played beautifully with those GE
6146B finals. That's right, GE tubes. Scuttlebutt had it
that the 101ZD's and 901/902 did not do so well with the then
current Japanese-made 6146B's for some reason. I never
bothered to check it out- I just stuck with my GE finals that
came with the radio and never did really wear out. I had a
pair spare of GE's and, as I remember, they were socketed
only long enough to check individual resting cathode
currents and then put back in the boxes and put in
Back then, real radios still glowed in the dark- er, well, in the
driver and final amp stages anyway.  :o)   73, David K3KY
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