[Yaesu] Re: STU -- FT-101 6146 modification - DON'T DO IT !!

Stuart Bloom sbbloom69 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 12:58:15 EDT 2003


Carol, thanks for the information.  I just found
another set of 6JS6C tubes at a good price, so I think
I'll just re-tube and align my 101 as-is.

I did do the Fox Tango WARC mods.  I didn't see any
performance problems.  The 12 and 30 meter mods aren't
all that intrusive to the 101.  The 17 meter mod with
the extra crystal, and coil connections was a little
hairy to perform, but I have made contacts on all the
bands without problems on the existing bands.

Carol, do you have any experience with the older
FTdx-400?  I just picked one up.  I'm going to go slow
with it, testing the tubes, and doing some
housecleaning before I "smoke test" it.  From what I
have read, it was the fore-runner to the FTdx 401, 560
and 570 rigs.  It is all tube except for the VFO and
some power supply circuits.  I'm looking for a service
and owner's manual.  I also need a dual knob set or
the clarifier.  It is just like the clarifier and
AF/RF gain control setup on the 101.

Again, thanks for the input.  I like to experiment,
but I'm never afraid to glean wisdom from those who
have the hands-on experience.


--- Carol L Maher <w4clm.ham at juno.com> wrote:
> Stu,
> I just read your posting about modifying the FT-101E
> over to
> 6146 finals.  For God's sake man, DON'T DO IT.

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