[Yaesu] 50W switch

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Sat Jan 24 02:12:54 EST 2004

I could be wrong here, but I'm going to take a stab at that switch. I
think it
possibly limits the 10 meter output to 50 watts.  I bought an FT-101S in
many years ago and their limit was 50w for ten meters.  Just guessing but
check the power output on 10 meters after you flip that switch around.
Only a guess !
Carol Maher
Charlotte N.C.

> Last night I helped a friend fit a couple of Inrad filters to his 
> FT-1000D.
> Looking on the lower main board, I noticed a switch marked 'S3001' 
> that has
> '50W' against one position and nothing against the other. The switch 
> was set
> to the unmarked position. It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the 
> owners'
> manual - anyone know what it does?
> I also noticed that the owner was switching his Alpha amp via the 
> 'Tx GND'
> socket and associated relay. I'd have thought it should be possible 
> to use
> pins 2 and 3 on the BAND DATA output to achieve the same end -- is 
> this
> correct?
> Finally, I've heard various things about the quality of the tuning 
> upgrader
> sold by International Radio. Any opinions one way or the other?
> 73 John

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