[Yaesu] FT1000D Firmware 5.84

Berndt Josef Wulf wulf at ping.net.au
Sun Sep 19 07:28:17 EDT 2004

On Sun, 19 Sep 2004 20:01, Armin Sturm wrote:
> All,
> Anybody out there who can help me. My FT1000D bought sometime in the
> early 90's has the firmware version 5.84. I want to use the CAT
> interface and have experiences problems with this firmware revision.
> Messages in the forum recon that version 6.00 is needed. Can anybody let
> me know where I can get the firmware eprom? I tried with Yaesu in Europe
> and several ham shops, but no help at all.
> 73
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The firmware, AFAIK, is not a PROM but a MCU chip. It is a surface mounted device and 
hence not easy to replace with standard tools found in the HAM shack. I've 
bought my update for a FT990 from the YAESU service center in the USA as the Australian 
distributor was unable to help me.

In any case, find below the address of the Yaesu Service Centre in the USA:

Vertex Standard
10900 Walker Stree
CA 90630-5013

Tel: (714) 827-7600
Fax: (714) 827-8100

73, Berndt

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