[Yaesu] FT-101EE No plate current

Tim Moes tmoes at iw.net
Sun Apr 10 11:50:46 EDT 2005

Hi Paul,

The first thing to check if you see no plate current is to make sure your
voltages are correct on the tubes. Check to see if the Screen  and Plate
voltages are present and also make sure the tubes are lighting. It could be
possible the shorted tube opened a heater switch, screen resistors and also
make sure the meter shunt resistor on the cathode of the finals is OK and
not burnt. There could be several other things but try these and I think
something will show up open.

TNX..... Tim
Tim Moes  wd0fkc
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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-101EE No plate current

> An elmer is attempting to repair my FT101EE.  The
> plate current was going crazy and tubes glowing, so I
> figured it was the bias board.  Thus far, that was
> correct assumption, my buddy replaced a cap and
> resoldered a wire and got proper bias going.
> Unfortunately, now the finals draw 0 plate current.
> He has reviewed the schematic and tried replacing
> finals and driver.  No luck so far getting any
> indication of drive or current on the plates.  Anyone
> with this experience? It is as if something is
> completely open somewhere.
> WA4AVD Paul   Montgomery,AL
> By the way, if this type of inquiry is not appropriate
> for the board, please pardon.  I was desperate for
> some suggestions and found this reflector.
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