[Yaesu] A Yaesu spotted on TV

Preston Graham w4fda at pobox.com
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>A friend of mine, a long time well known ham and industry executive, took 
>his wife to a hamfest for the first time ever.  After a while she said: 
>"You mean to tell me that you have spent I don't know how much on those two 
>monstrous towers full of I don't know what, AND spent thousands on the 
>latest and greatest equipment, moved us to I don't know how many acres out 
>here in the boonies, spent every waking moment on the radio, just to talk 
>to THESE GUYS??????"
> You can take a CB'er out of his semi, but,      well, you know the rest.
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>>I don't know... sounds like many of the types I meet at hamfests and
>> club meetings. :)
>> 73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO
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>> Didn't see it but heard from local clubmembers that the 'ham' on the
>> show
>> was rough, dirty, and a very unpleasant sort.  They complained that CBS
>> "didn't do hams any favors" by portraying them that way.
>> Darrell W4CX
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>> I was just setting up the VCR to tape "Criminal Minds"
>> to watch later tonight, so I had the TV set to CBS
>> while programming it.  Suddenly I heard Morse Code,
>> and first thought that I had left the HT on and was
>> hearing the repeater ID.  But no, the code was coming
>> from the TV.  I missed the first bit of it, but the
>> last word was "Schools".
>> Right after that you got to see a nice Yaesu FT101
>> model (couldn't tell which one), and what looked like
>> a Shure desk mic hooked to it.
>> The show was "Jerico" and glad to see that one of the
>> producers has fine taste in equipment.  Anyone else
>> see this?
>> 73s John W5TD
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