[Yaesu] FT5200 2M Finals Replacement

Dave Maley dgmaley at commspeed.net
Tue Oct 30 15:15:08 EST 2007

The only place that I know of that still carries these modules is RF
parts.  The listed replacement is a SAV24.  They go for around $70-$80. 
Many use a SAV17 as a replacement, with slightly reduced output.  The cost
is around $50.  The reason these fail is because yaesu never mounted them
correctly and because the heat sink gets too hot before the fan comes on. 
RF parts says to check the pin diode before replacing the module.  If it's
bad too, it will take out the new module.

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Does anyone have a good (and inexpensive) source for the 2M finals in the
5200 (also
5100)?  Radio works fine on 440 but 2M output is gone; final stage is
bad.  Thanks!
Mike - K6QD

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