[Yaesu] FT5200 2M Finals Replacement

Nate Bargmann n0nb at networksplus.net
Tue Oct 30 20:32:40 EST 2007

* Dave Maley <dgmaley at commspeed.net> [2007 Oct 30 15:17 -0500]:
> The only place that I know of that still carries these modules is RF
> parts.  The listed replacement is a SAV24.  They go for around $70-$80. 
> Many use a SAV17 as a replacement, with slightly reduced output.  The cost
> is around $50.  The reason these fail is because yaesu never mounted them
> correctly and because the heat sink gets too hot before the fan comes on. 
> RF parts says to check the pin diode before replacing the module.  If it's
> bad too, it will take out the new module.

One thing I have done to my '5100s but not to my '5200 as of yet, is to
connect 12V through a low value resistor at the pad where the fan's
positive lead connects to keep the fan running slowly, but running all
the time.  It probably also helps that I don't get a chance to ragchew
as much as I used to so the finals last longer.   ;-)
73, de Nate >>

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