[Yaesu] FT1000 Frequency Hopping Problem - HELP!

Hardy Landskov n7rt at cox.net
Thu Sep 13 13:54:34 EDT 2007

If you have a frequency counter, check the reference oscillator for the
synthesizer to see if it's stable. Try some cold spray on the synthesizer.
If those looks good, it might be better just to plan on replacing the
synthesizer board. 

At 07:42 PM 9/12/2007 -0400, Bruce P. Tis wrote:
>My FT1000MP has developed a very odd problem. So odd that its solution 
>is defying the local authorized repair facility in NH.
>Whenever the rig goes from transmit to receive the frequency display, 
>and the radio, goes up anywhere from 10 to 60 Hz. This transition from 
>transmit to receive can occur either via PTT, the MOX switch, or VOX. 
>The effect is cumulative so after making a few transmissions I am a 
>couple of hundred Hz up in frequency (both the transmitter and 
>receiver). The problem is somewhat heat related. It takes 5-10 minutes 
>after power up before it happens and then as the rig warms up the 
>frequency hop gets larger.  It happens on all bands and I think all 
>modes but I'm not entirely sure. I just operate SSB.  I of course have 
>reset the microprocessor but that doesn't help.
>As I mentioned the local repair facility is at a loss. They have put a 
>few hours into trying to find the cause and have come up empty handed.
>Anybody out there experienced such a problem?  Any ideas as to solution?
>Bruce -  W1TIS
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