[Yaesu] Opening Yaesu handheld battery packs for cell replacement

Andy ingraham.ma.ultranet at rcn.com
Fri Jul 18 12:25:10 EDT 2008

> Have you seen replacement battery packs which have NiMH cells in them in
> place of NiCad Cells made as replacements for older radios,
> like my Icom IC-02AT?

I think I have.  The VX-150 came with NiCads, but now you can get
after-market NiMH battery packs for it, and I think they trickle-charge
through the radio too.  (On that last item, I'm not certain, as I don't have
one.  I do know that some people have modified the standard pack to take
NiMH cells and they say it works, but you do need to be careful not to do
stuff like over-charge them.)


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