[Yaesu] Opening hand-held battery packs for battery replacement

K6QD K6QD at cox.net
Sun Jul 27 17:13:37 EDT 2008

Thanks to all who replied to my original post ~ 2 weeks ago.  After extensive searching, reading and talking I've learned a lot and have been successful with the task of battery replacement.  Yes, you can purchase new replacement packs, both NiCad & NiMH (at least for the FNB-41, 42 & 47 packs), and you can save ~33% by purchasing replacement individual cells (with attached tabs) or ~15% by purchasing pre-assembled batteries and installing the series connected batteries yourself (2 solder connections).  The Yaesu battery packs identified above use 2/3A and 4/5A size cells.

Opening the cases is easy if you first freeze them for at least 24 hrs.  Then a sharp "rap" on a side with a rubber mallet pops an edge of the 6th-side plastic from the primary 5-sided case.  

For those who want a more detailed, step-by-step instruction and/or battery sources, please contact me directly.  
73 de Mike K6QD

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