[Yaesu] FT-5000 filter setting

Tom Haavisto kamham69 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 19:57:15 PST 2010

I did a search in the archives, and nothing showed up, so here goes.

I just got my FT-5000, so I confess (and hope) this is cockpit error.

I have CW mode set to use the 600 hz filter.  When I switch to SSB,
the radio continues to use the 600 hz filter.  Manually select the 3K
filter (for SSB).  Switch back to CW, and the filter setting stays at
3K.  Other parameters follow the mode change (as expected).

My FT-1000 MP would automatically switch filters when I did a mode
change, so the behaviour  of the 5000 is unexpected.  Anyone else see
this same thing, and is there a way to make the filter setting follow
a mode change?


Tom - VE3CX

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