[Yaesu] FT-77 Help

Arnie Adelman arnie.adelman at infosec-consultant.com
Tue Jun 8 08:58:03 PDT 2010

Two questions, but a little background first.

I bought a FT-77. I've been a Yaesu fan for a long time but I'd never run across the FT-77 before. When I got it, I repaired the easy issues - the electronic ones. Two small problems seem to be more difficult, so I'm asking the collective body of knowledge for some help. 

1.) The rubber cover for the dial knob was missing, leaving only the gooey mess over the metal inner know. Is there a replacement for this or a good substitute? 

2.) The light is out in the meter. I see that this is an 8V incandescent bulb. Is there a source for these bulbs or an LED type replacement? 

I'd be greatful for any help or pointers.

arnie - W1GCI

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