[Yaesu] FT1000MP mkV Field - loss of receive - kind of

Kevan Nason knason00 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 08:24:16 PDT 2012

All right, I give up and decided to ask for help. This is
long. Sorry about that, but sometimes background info

First, the background.
Radio had a near lightening death experience last year.
Replaced control board - waited many months for it due to
tsunami in Japan - and it went in fine.  Made a couple
thousand contest contacts and then 20 meter USB
(that's only one I noticed) receive carrier seemed to shift
and had to do almost -1100 KHz adjustment to it. Ended
up using shift knob on front panel whenever operated on
20 meters. Things a bit of a pain, but workable.
Another couple contests later and both LSB and USB
began to be affected on several bands.

Next I noticed receive gain on all bands seemed to be low
and bumped up gain (Menu 9-1 I think).

Yesterday started current state of the rig. Can barely hear
anyone on any band. Found one conversation to listen to
at 7200 KHz. I could barely hear a human voice the signal
was so weak. Couldn't make out any words. S meter did not
show any bars. But when I go into any of the three menu items
that allow shifting carrier offset (8-6, 8-9, or 9-0) the signal
strength jumps to 10 over S9. If you select any different menu
item than those three the recieve signal strength again drops
to below audible

I tried, but I'm not smart enought to troubleshoot the schematic
to figure out what might be happening. My guess is some of
the logic in the CPU isn't available, or changeable, anyway. I
did a full processor reset. I also pulled and reseated all the
ribbon and wire connections to the control board. I verified the
battery is good on the control board (Hey, it was right there so
why not check it?).

Any thoughts, besides a sledge hammer or anchor rope? I have
a decent Fluke scope, 50uV signal source and some knowledge,
but rigs these days are not the HW101 or Galaxy GT550 that I
used to be able to fix!


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