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Kevin low sensitivity can be caused my lots of problems....Only way to know what the sensitivity is ,is to run a S/N test..This would require a precision sig gen an audio dummy load and a AC volt meter..(That's what I use)..Then start the troubleshooting..First the iF stages and working back toward the RF section...Service manual an absolute requirement...

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>   1. FT1000MP mkV Field - loss of receive - kind of (Kevan Nason)
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> All right, I give up and decided to ask for help. This is
> long. Sorry about that, but sometimes background info
> helps.
> First, the background.
> Radio had a near lightening death experience last year.
> Replaced control board - waited many months for it due to
> tsunami in Japan - and it went in fine.  Made a couple
> thousand contest contacts and then 20 meter USB
> (that's only one I noticed) receive carrier seemed to shift
> and had to do almost -1100 KHz adjustment to it. Ended
> up using shift knob on front panel whenever operated on
> 20 meters. Things a bit of a pain, but workable.
> Another couple contests later and both LSB and USB
> began to be affected on several bands.
> Next I noticed receive gain on all bands seemed to be low
> and bumped up gain (Menu 9-1 I think).
> Yesterday started current state of the rig. Can barely hear
> anyone on any band. Found one conversation to listen to
> at 7200 KHz. I could barely hear a human voice the signal
> was so weak. Couldn't make out any words. S meter did not
> show any bars. But when I go into any of the three menu items
> that allow shifting carrier offset (8-6, 8-9, or 9-0) the signal
> strength jumps to 10 over S9. If you select any different menu
> item than those three the recieve signal strength again drops
> to below audible
> I tried, but I'm not smart enought to troubleshoot the schematic
> to figure out what might be happening. My guess is some of
> the logic in the CPU isn't available, or changeable, anyway. I
> did a full processor reset. I also pulled and reseated all the
> ribbon and wire connections to the control board. I verified the
> battery is good on the control board (Hey, it was right there so
> why not check it?).
> Any thoughts, besides a sledge hammer or anchor rope? I have
> a decent Fluke scope, 50uV signal source and some knowledge,
> but rigs these days are not the HW101 or Galaxy GT550 that I
> used to be able to fix!
> Kevan
> N4XL
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