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[AMPS] Re: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!

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Subject: [AMPS] Re: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!
From: (John Lane)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 02:47:16 -0500
Lucas Electrics?  I'd forgotten that nightmare they called an electrical
system in 60's vintage Triumph motorcycles.  W8KX

>Ian, did RR use Lucas electrics? I have many "fond" memories of Jaguar
>and Austin Healey  systems!  I worked  part time for a chap that
>installed Chevrolet V-8's in them and I did all the electrical work. The
>best car I ever owned was a 63 Jag saloon with a 350ci Chevy mated to the
>Jag OD transmission. Superb handling, power and reliability until the
>body disappeared in iron oxide!
>73  Carl  KM1H
>73   Carl  KM1H
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