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[AMPS] RE: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!

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Subject: [AMPS] RE: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!
From: (Ian White, G3SEK)
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 07:36:01 +0000
Rich Measures wrote:

>After the final spray, the whole car is baked - woodwork,
>>leather seats, electrical system, mobile phone, the lot!

>The mobile phone is to call a tow truck on occasions when the car quits.  

The urban folklore over here is that you'd never see a 'Roller' being
towed. The garage would send a big van to remove the car from sight.
Next time I see the guy who has worked forever in the factory that makes
bodies for RR, I'll get some more details.

Regarding the Lucas electrics, you're talking to a member of a nation of

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