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[AMPS] RE: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!

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Subject: [AMPS] RE: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 98 16:47:37 -0800
>Rich Measures wrote:
>>"It's an Alpha, that's all you need to know." 
>>Very Interesting. A similar version of such a statement is what 
>>Rolls Royce salesmen tell customers.  My neighbor bought one.  It was the 
>>most beautifully finished car I have ever seen, however, the electrical 
>>system proved to be extraordinarily hellish
> ...possibly because it had been cooked. 
Maybe, however, the same brand of electrics [Lucas, Ltd.] has a somewhat 
less than pristine reputation in other motor vehicles.  
>RRs are road-tested without their
>final coats of paint, and then go back into the body shop to create that
>famous finish. After the final spray, the whole car is baked - woodwork,
>leather seats, electrical system, mobile phone, the lot!
The mobile phone is to call a tow truck on occasions when the car quits.  
>Hope they don't do that with Alphas   :-)


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