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[AMPS] Jim RE: time limit for output...

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Subject: [AMPS] Jim RE: time limit for output...
From: Shawn Tayler" < (Shawn Tayler)
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 98 17:53:22 +0800
On Mon, 9 Mar 1998 11:31:07 -0800, wrote:

>Jim my Commander 2500E can run 3500 watts "key down" no time limit, and
>the 2500 (two tuber) can run 1500 out no time limit. Also QRO claims to
>have an amp that will do that too. Alpha is not the only amp co. to
>claim this.
>Stan KF6IKC

Ok, Hows the math on this, Isn't the 2500E supposed to have 3 3CX800's in 
parallel?  I'm sorry but 3500W 
output sounds like way past saturation to me....Unless I am mistaken on the 
tube complement. 

Any comments?

de Shawn
 N7LQ (formerly WB7TDI)

DM09dn & DN01fa

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