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[AMPS] Jim RE: time limit for output...

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Subject: [AMPS] Jim RE: time limit for output...
From: (Frank & Barb Ayers)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 21:15:19 -0000
Shawn wrote -

>Ok, Hows the math on this, Isn't the 2500E supposed to have 3 3CX800's
>in parallel?  I'm sorry but 3500W output sounds like way past saturation
>me....Unless I am mistaken on the tube complement. Any comments?

Funny you should mention that. A while ago QST ran a review of a six meter
amp using a single 3cx800. The claimed output was 1200 watts, which would
agree with the above claim. Problem is the max ratings according to Eimac
are 2250v @ .6a. I think that figures out to something like 900 w out max.
Even the 3CX800 amps that are in the Handbook are rated at 750 w out. This
becomes more of a concern on vhf because the typical rig or transverter has
about 25 w which seems fine at the 750 w amp level. To get the 1200 out you
have to put a brick amp in between the two and very rarely are those things
set for lowest intermod. On hf so many rigs have 100 w out so you don't
need the IPA. Anybody ever notice splatter from one of those things on 6 or


(That the reason I'm doing tetrodes - what I have will drive it just fine)

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