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[AMPS] MFJ Tuners

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Subject: [AMPS] MFJ Tuners
From: (George K. Watson)
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 12:20:40 -0700
I have had the 989C in service for about 6 months and have had the
following 2 problems:The transmit cap became loose and would flop over. It
was disconcerting at inconvenient times.
The avg/peak switch arrived wired backwards.
Both of these were fixed easily by me.

I have never run more than 700 watts on it on CW, so I can't speak to it's
capability to
handle more. The built in dummy load gets very hot near its rated
continuos power.

It does seem a tad 'inexpensively' made, but I knew that about MFJ
equipment when I started.


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