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Subject: [AMPS] MFJ Tuners
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Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 17:47:18 EST
On Fri, 13 Mar 1998 14:52:15 -0500 writes:
>>At 1:24 AM -0500 3/13/98, John Kjos wrote:
>>I have been considering buying an MFJ-989C tuner for my Ameritron
>>AL-1200.Some of the comments I have been reading are leading me to
>>reconsider.What is up with this the MFJ products?I was under the
>>impression that they made good equipment.   John KB9RPM
>I am happily using a 989C with an AL-80A. The tuner arcs on 160 but 
>not its's just that I've got an 80 m quad loop fed with 
>line at the end of it.

In the USA we call that a Clinton excuse...failure to accept personal
responsibility. A good tuner would not exhibit arcing with any reasonable
reactive load.

>The variable capacitors could use vernier controls for finer tuning, 
>you have to do a lot of hard, sometimes scratchy, 

In the real world scratchy is defined as arcing

cranking to get the
>roller inductor from one end to the other (118 turns) but, on balance, 
>happy with it, it does a good job, and it's good value for the money.
>It might be the "Chevy" but Chevvies are pretty durable and reliable 
>you don't want (or can't afford) pretty and elegant.

I think that the Chevy  is the primary example of evaluating a NA built
automobile. Solid and dependable ....not to be confused with the Yugo. 
I would rate ANY MFJ product in the Yugo category and not disgrace the

>There was a useful review in QST a year or so ago comparing four 
>high-power tuners. It was this review that helped to sway me to the 
>989C on
>a cost/benefit basis.

That review should have convinced any one that the MFJ was the worst
choice for the lower bands. The efficiency of the MFJ has NOT changed
with their much ballyhoo'ed air inductor. The LC values have not
changed...they just do not catch on fire as much. 


73  Carl   KM1H

>73, Rob, VE3YE
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