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Subject: [AMPS] Re: Drive Level in amplifiers
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 21:09:32 -0600
At 12:29 AM 3/25/98 -0000, you wrote:

>[Richard W. Ehrhorn]

>In class AB, B, and C power amps such as discussed here THE TUBES (or 
>transistors) ARE NOT LINEAR DEVICES. Plate current flows over much less 
>than 360 degrees of the rf cycle and is OFF the rest. The tube is as much a 
>switch as a linear device.

>IMHO the most fundamental way to define the function of the input matching 
>network of a class AB2 or B amp is that it (plus all the circuitry 
>intervening between it and the plate/collector/drain of the driver devices) 
>must transform the input impedance of the power tube(s) into whatever load 
>impedance those driver devices must see to deliver their desired output. 
>Alternately, since nearly all transceivers are designed to work best into a 
>nominal 50 ohm resistive load, the power amplifier input network should 
>present a 50 ohm resistive input.

And this is a trade-off between the need for a Rs that will allow the maximum
transfer of power over an entire band while providing the needed fly wheel
(Trading a little Q for a little bandwidth and a fly wheel)
The RL is complex and  ever changing with the input waveform. I think a
lot of folks are trying to equate the tube RL to an antenna or constant
resistive load. Bad assumption...

>During preparation of the amps chapter of the 1995 ARRL Handbook I included 
>this argument, but the issue apparently had been so controversial that 
>League diplomats thought it best to forgo that discussion. Probably I'll do 
>the same hereafter!

You are lucky, Dick! You could have been impaled upon the Woof Hong stick,
or burned at the stake for suggesting such far-out witchcraft!

Your presence and expertise are very much appreciated here on the Reflector
Dick. Please stick around! At least freedom of the press still prevails here.


Phil, K5PC

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