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[AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh

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Subject: [AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 98 21:57:52 -0600
>   For your information ( K1MH and Measures)
>(a) I sold B & W only the PT2500 amplifier not Viewstar nor the PT1000
>single tube amplifier. I kept the PT1000 to continue on with another
>(b) A problem with the Pi-l tank in the PT1000 or the PT2500 is just as
>bizarre as Measures idea that every amp built will not work and never
>survive unless  they have a Measures hairpin nichrome loop whichamacallit
>installed in it.

I don't think Rich has ever said that no amp will work without his 
supressors.  But you do have to admit that they have helped some people 
cure their amplifier problems.  I bought Rich's kit for my homebrew not 
becuase I necessarily think I have parasitc problems but because $17.50 
is CHEAP prevention and is much cheaper than a new tube should something 
squirley start.  What is everyone so upset about something that costs 
less than $20 anyhow?  Or to quote Shakespeare "Methinks she doth protest 
too much."  Could the reason that so many people are annoyed at Rich is 
that he is cutting into their profits both on the tube end and the 
amplifier end.  And maybe some of the hotshot designers are embarrassed 
that they didn't realize what Rich has said and have staked their 
livelihood on just the opposite things.

Ok, so I said it and I am probably touching raw nerves, but this is an 
opinion and conjecture.  I am not trying to impune anyone here.  Flame 
away at me if you will, it will just reinforce my feeling that the people 
who yell and scream foul the most are the ones with the most to lose.

I am not saying Rich is 100% right 100% of the time, but as he so 
eloquently pointed out, "Put the supressor in the amp.  If the problem 
still exists than Rich has put his foot in his mouth."  One of you (Rich 
or Paul) will end up putting their foot in their mouth over this one.  If 
the Rich's supressor works, Paul's foot is in his mouth and vice versa.  
Sheesh, I'd pay $17.50 to see this!  :-)

>        I think you guys should seriously about about all the young guys
>who are coming up behind us and reading all the needless diatribe and
>incorrect information some of you throw around. It isn't constructive and
>does not teach anything to the guys that really want to know something
>about amps. There has to be more in life than hairpin loops and holes in
>your grid !!  Get a life !

Well, I haven't seen much needless diatribe from Rich nor much that I can 
say is incorrect.  I am learning quite a bit from my conversations with 
him and others that don't necessarily get broadcast.  The incorrect 
information is when people say things like: 

> >The input impedance is the ratio of input drive power to peak 
> >cathode current.

Thos are the incorrect statements.  And some of the other 
voltage/current/power stuff people wrote about input impedances did not 
follow Ohms law.  Of course, I said some incorrect stuff too and all you 
kind folks are helping me to learn......




Jon Ogden

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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