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[AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh

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Subject: [AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh
From: (Paul Hrivnak)
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 08:10:07 -0500 (EST)
   For your information ( K1MH and Measures)
(a) I sold B & W only the PT2500 amplifier not Viewstar nor the PT1000
single tube amplifier. I kept the PT1000 to continue on with another
(b) A problem with the Pi-l tank in the PT1000 or the PT2500 is just as
bizarre as Measures idea that every amp built will not work and never
survive unless  they have a Measures hairpin nichrome loop whichamacallit
installed in it.
        I think you guys should seriously about about all the young guys
who are coming up behind us and reading all the needless diatribe and
incorrect information some of you throw around. It isn't constructive and
does not teach anything to the guys that really want to know something
about amps. There has to be more in life than hairpin loops and holes in
your grid !!  Get a life !
        Paul Hrivnak (founder of Viewstar)

Bramco Palstar Inc.
Piqua, OH  45356

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