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[AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh

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Subject: [AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 98 06:10:12 -0800
>>I do not think it is a wonderful idea to continue to operate an amplifier 
>>that exhibits an intermittent arcing problem.  From my experiences, when 
>>an amplifier is arcing, it's trying to tell you something.  
>I don't know but I am getting pretty sick of all this one theme argument.

Trying to resolve Kevin's Tune C arcing problem hardly seems like 
something one should be getting pretty sick about, Mike.   Presumably, 
not reading anything  titled  
"Re: [AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh" should relieve the symptoms is short order.  

>Lets have more discussion in other areas, e.g. VHF/UHF, experiences with
>the new tetrodes from Svetlana etc?
Which tetrodes would you like to discuss? 


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