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[AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh

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Subject: [AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 98 13:09:20 -0800
>Well I will say it again.."As my grandpa would have said: Amen brother
>and pass the gravy." The whole point of this thread is to help a
>fellow ham with an arc in C. Well...... So far other than changing
>something that may or may not be broke...Has anyone asked 
>1. What band is it arcing on ??
>2. At what input power is it arcing ?

Should have no bearing if he tunes for max Pout.  The tune C has a large 
safety factor.

>3. At what power out is it arcing ?


>4. Are the plates bent ?
>5. Could the tube possibly be cracked at the seals from the drop ?

This does not seem likely to cause Tune C arcing.  

>6. Frisky-Nonfrisky tube...Good possibility
>7. Is there any sign of grid and/or plate current with key down and no
>drive applied ?

Very seldom seen with the type of parasitic oscillation that tends to 
cause intermittent Tune C or bandswitch arcing.  I have seen only one.  

>I think as a collective group the amp could be up and running without
>much of a problem, have already read one message that is too good to
>pass up. Instead of finger pointing and flaming, lets get this guys
>amp working...

Indeed, Ed, indeed.  If somebody gets nauseated by what I write, why does 
he/she read it?  .  .  To have something to kvetch about?


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