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[AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh

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Subject: [AMPS] PT-1000-K1Mh
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Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 17:41:08 EST

Get someone locally that never heard of this reflector to look at the

Otherwise you will be mired in BS until you are too old to find the

73  Carl  KM1H

On Wed, 25 Mar 98 13:09:20 -0800 Rich Measures <> writes:
>>Well I will say it again.."As my grandpa would have said: Amen 
>>and pass the gravy." The whole point of this thread is to help a
>>fellow ham with an arc in C. Well...... So far other than changing
>>something that may or may not be broke...Has anyone asked 
>>1. What band is it arcing on ??
>>2. At what input power is it arcing ?
>Should have no bearing if he tunes for max Pout.  The tune C has a 
>safety factor.
>>3. At what power out is it arcing ?
>>4. Are the plates bent ?
>>5. Could the tube possibly be cracked at the seals from the drop ?
>This does not seem likely to cause Tune C arcing.  
>>6. Frisky-Nonfrisky tube...Good possibility
>>7. Is there any sign of grid and/or plate current with key down and 
>>drive applied ?
>Very seldom seen with the type of parasitic oscillation that tends to 
>cause intermittent Tune C or bandswitch arcing.  I have seen only one. 
>>I think as a collective group the amp could be up and running without
>>much of a problem, have already read one message that is too good to
>>pass up. Instead of finger pointing and flaming, lets get this guys
>>amp working...
>Indeed, Ed, indeed.  If somebody gets nauseated by what I write, why 
>he/she read it?  .  .  To have something to kvetch about?
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