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[AMPS] LK500-ZB Amp Supply

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Subject: [AMPS] LK500-ZB Amp Supply
From: (Roy Koeppe)
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:44:19 -0600

I don't have that info anymore. But put your VOM on say 5 amp scale, DC, and
use it to pull up the amp's relays with. See if it kicks up violently at
first, and then read the holding current. At any rate, it is way too high
for a direct connection to rig. Make a solid state relay driver or pull the
amp up an alternative way.

73,   Roy   K6XK

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From: Tony Martin <>
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Date: Wednesday, February 10, 1999 6:34 AM
Subject: Re: [AMPS] LK500-ZB Amp Supply

>Roy Koeppe wrote:
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>> From: Roy Koeppe <>
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>> Date: Sunday, February 07, 1999 8:52 AM
>> Subject: Re: [AMPS] LK500-ZB Amp Supply
>> >Tony,
>> >
>> >This is unrelated to your stated problem, but FYI:  BEWARE of the huge
>> >current surge in the amp's ant relay key line!! My ZB has a factory mod
>> >upgrade kit installed which lowers the surge on that keyline to a much
>> >lesser amount. But it's still way too high for the OMNI-6 to pull up the
>> >relay.  I do it an outboard way.
>> >
>> >
>Still trying to figure out the problem with the LK500ZB....
>I meant to ask you for the info on the factory mod for the
>ZB which might lower the surge in the key line to my OMNI 6.
>Do you have any particulars so that I can go ahead and modify
>this amp while I have it on the bench?  Or suggestions for
>other means?  Obviously I don't want to make more work by
>messing up the OMNI.  TIA for help.
>Tony, W4FOA

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