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[AMPS] Whither the 807?

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Subject: [AMPS] Whither the 807?
From: (Radiodan W7RF)
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 23:02:14 -0800
The way I understand it, the term "let's go have an 807" or "just sitting
here reading the mail having an 807" comes from when tubes were referred to
as "bottles", and of course beer was always in bottles, so the term "807"
for "beer" stuck.

And who have you been working lately that have never heard the term? I'm
only 41 and way too young to be an OT!
I guess maybe the most active of us are KE6's with 1X2 vanity calls?

(yeah, yeah W7RF is a vanity, but I've been around 28 years!!)

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> Subject: [AMPS] Whither the 807?
> I have a question that would seem to fit no other mailing list
> (other than
> perhaps the homebrew email list, but not the one associated with
> ham radio).
>   Ages ago in a land far, far away (OK, only a few hundred
> miles), we used
> to tip an 807 from time to time.  The hams where I work claim to
> have never
> heard the term '807' used as reference to a sudsy barley-based
> beverage (OK,
> I have ruled out most mass-market American beers by that statement, but I
> stand by it - if it's got lots of rice in it, it ain't beer).  Rich
> sometimes refers to "suds" on here meaning "power", but as far as I can
> tell, that term is used only by the CB crowd for that purpose.  I assumed
> that's where Rich got it from, too.  But it does not seem to be
> related to
> the earlier '807' term.  Anybody have a clue about when or why '807' got
> dropped?  Was it about the time 807s, 1625s and the like were no longer
> found in typical ham gear?  I have to admit, stopping by the
> local pub for
> an MRF454 does not have the same appeal...
> FF
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