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Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 09:04:49 -0700
>Rich said:
>> joints in the metal rain gutters were acting like varactor diodes 
>More likely straight forward diodes - what is known as the 'rusty bolt  
>One cure for this is 'anti - intermodulation grease'.
>No, I'm definitely not pulling your leg!  Years ago, Plessey Microwave 
>Materials (long gone as a company)  developed a conductive grease for the 
Navy for 
>coating chains and other items where loose or intermittently contacting bits 
>metalsthat could not be bonded together. It was expensive, very conductive, 
>formulated to be sea water resistant, both chemically and in its adhesion. 
>(The diode nature of the loose contacts produced all sorts of nasty IM and CM
>products on ships)
>But you can get some very funny looks when you mention it...and before you 
>ask,  it only improves the performance of big amplifiers operating in a narrow
>frequency range around 27MHz!
/\  According to rumour, there is a CB product known as "Coax Wax®" which 
reduces electron-friction in coaxial cable, thereby reducing attenuation. 
cheers, Peter

-  R. L. Measures, 805.386.3734,AG6K,  

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