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[AMPS] Making tubes

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Subject: [AMPS] Making tubes
From: (Jeff Stai WK6I)
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 10:23:52 -0700
At 10:08 AM 7/5/01, Phil (VA3UX) wrote:
>>With the high price of tubes, I wonder if anyone has ever invisioned a 
>>homebrew project to actually make the tube from scratch?  I know that it 
>>would be a little more than the average ham is used to working with but why 
>>could we not use something such as stainless steel tubing and come up with a 
>>decent power transmitting tube.  After all, someone once did that!
>Virtually impractical to do in a home setting Billy. Not impossible, but 
>largely impractical.  The cleaniness requirements are high and the equipment 
>needed to produce a hard vacuum is expensive. And then there's the unique 
>materials required, etc, etc.

hi - It is worth noting, however, that the first tubes were in fact "home 

It would be something you would do because you want to, not because it would 
save money, etc.
After enough practice and investment (time, materials, equipment) a usuable 
could be the result!

GL - jeff wk6i

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