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Subject: [AMPS] Making tubes
From: (Paul Goble)
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 15:40:09 -0700

"Fun to think about", Roger!  It has also opened the door for
some pretty good humor; "Fire up the linear", for example, HI!

I, too, have a problem with the high cost of power tubes, and
this is why I started gathering information on the "surplus"
Russian transmitting tubes.  As examples (and I'm NOT selling
tubes - merely telling you what I pay for 'em delivered to San
Antonio, TX!), NOS 4CX800's (GU-74B) for $70 each delivered,
NOS 1500W plate dissipation "coaxial" triodes (GS-35B) good to
1000MHz for $100 each delivered, NOS 4CX1600 "equivalent" (GS-23B)
for $160 delivered, NOS 350W dissipation triodes (GI-7B) good
for multi-tube PAs through 70cm (2 tubes, >800W output) for $30
each delivered.  If you're paying more, you're paying too much!
 AND there are other types of tubes, too, like a 200W dissipation
tetrode (GS-15) tested at 280W (thermally stable!!!) output on
23cm (formal design under development), NOS for $25-30 delivered!!

Data on PAs using most of these tubes (and some others) can be
found at (select "QRO").  Some PAs only
have pictures, a few PAs are built for sale, and there are several
PAs which could be built from the information provided by HAMs
from around the world.

Now, if I only had time to build them all myself - HI!!

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>From: "Phil (VA3UX)" <>
>To: Jeff Stai WK6I <>
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>Date: 7/5/01 2:39:57 PM

>At 10:23 AM 7/5/2001 -0700, Jeff Stai WK6I wrote:
>>At 10:08 AM 7/5/01, Phil (VA3UX) wrote:
>> >>With the high price of tubes, I wonder if anyone has ever
invisioned a 
>> homebrew project to actually make the tube from scratch? 
I know that it 
>> would be a little more than the average ham is used to working
with but 
>> why could we not use something such as stainless steel tubing
and come up 
>> with a decent power transmitting tube.  After all, someone
once did that!
>> >
>> >Virtually impractical to do in a home setting Billy. Not
impossible, but 
>> largely impractical.  The cleaniness requirements are high
and the 
>> equipment needed to produce a hard vacuum is expensive. And
then there's 
>> the unique materials required, etc, etc.
>>hi - It is worth noting, however, that the first tubes were
in fact "home 
>No question - with a glass blower and related equipment, oil
bath vacuum 
>pumps.  And they weren't very good by today's standards, but
they did quite 
>well with what they had.
>Remember, the point of the original post was circumventing the
high cost of 
>tubes possibly via homebrew.  Tubes can be home-brewed - but
not at a lower 
>cost than production jobbies.  It's fun to think about though.
>>It would be something you would do because you want to, not
because it 
>>would save money, etc.
>>After enough practice and investment (time, materials, equipment)
>>usuable product
>>could be the result!
>>GL - jeff wk6i
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