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[AMPS] about one of the latest v's

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Subject: [AMPS] about one of the latest v's
From: (skipp s isaham)
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 22:01:35 -0700
re: about the latest batch of v's going round... 
This is worth a final comment. Right now 
there are three major v's cruising around 
the network big time.  One is the pesky 
S-c-a-m-3-2 version, another is the ever no 
fun k-a-k   w-o-r-m  version.  
The latest problem arrives as an attachment 
which is nothing but an install "exe" type 
program.  Without going into details, this 
latest install.exe type v is not seen by most 
of the protection programs because of it's 
approach.  I believe Norton set up the def 
update which includes this third pest detection 
ability with in the last week. 
I'm receiving the number three pest about 
three times a day.  
The only posture you should take is to 
delete all Emails with attachments unless 
previously set up for sending by a known 
person as expected.  One would hope 
that person knows exactly what they are 
sending you. 
In the past, most of the V's we received 
were from friends or people we know well. 
chow for now
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