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[AMPS] about one of the latest v's

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Subject: [AMPS] about one of the latest v's
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 06:14:48 -0700
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Subject: Re: [AMPS] about one of the latest v's

> Jim: you mentioned that norton didn't catch some  v's on your office
> so you dropped it for someother system. Would you care to tell me what
> system you went to?? I had norton installed on my home computer some time
> back after I had contracted a big V and it got to a few others before I
> heard about it. the shop where I took my computer recomended it highly.I
> read all these msgs. on this problem and wonder who is using what and how
> good is it.I'm a genuine novice at this computer stuff, but I'm learning
> little by little. I just can't afford to take my machine to the shop every
> time it get's sick. hi ! hi ! Thanks for any info you can supply me with.
>     carl / kz5ca  P. S. e-mail me direct if you'd like.

    Hi Carl,
I may as well reply to the group. Others have been asking the same question.
    We used McAffee at first, and each user had to go to their website
occasionally for an update. Eventually, one of their updates crippled every
computer in the office. We changed to Norton, using it to screen everything
that came in to the individual computers. The program was set up to
automatically update every two weeks I believe when we booted up the
computer in the morning. Norton was set up to scan everything that came in.
    After the incident I described, we stopped using Norton, and started
using Sonic Wall, which is part of our server's firewall. It is also
installed on the individual computers, but stops the bug before it gets into
our system.
    We've had no problems since converting. The program is completely
transparent at my workstation without the side effects of McAffee.
    Jim Smith, KQ6UV

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