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[AMPS] about one of the latest v's

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Subject: [AMPS] about one of the latest v's
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 06:16:36 -0700
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Subject: Re: [AMPS] about one of the latest v's

> V-i-r-u-s software is ONLY as good as the v-i-r-u-s definitions it
> If a new V strikes your machine and you don't have the latest definitions
> loaded, then it will do nothing to stop it.  In the same way, if the V is
> brand new and Symantec or any of the other folks haven't written a
> algorithm for it, nothing will stop it.  Usually the software companies
> write stuff pretty quickly.

    As I said, this was a well known w-o-r-m. I got it on my home computer 2
years earlier. The software had only been in use a couple months at work
when the incident occured.

> For something like $5 a year, you can subscribe to Symantec's v updates
> Norton.  If you don't do that, don't blame the software for not catching
> V when it hit your machine.

    Who said we didn't do that? We had a subscription, and had the computers
set up to automatically connect to the Symantec site for an update every two
weeks I believe it was. Most of the time, there was no update available.
When there was, it was installed.

> Norton Anti-V is an extremely good piece of software.  But it only knows
> look for what you tell it to look for via the definitions that you load
> it.

    All the definitions Norton had were loaded into it. It's not very good
if it's asleep at the wheel when the time comes for it to act.

> 73,
> Jon
> NA9D

Jim Smith, KQ6UV

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