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[AMPS] Nobody needs to go!

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Subject: [AMPS] Nobody needs to go!
From: (Billy Ward)
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 21:57:42 +0000
Why can hams not totally disagree with each other and still be totally 
friendly? Someone said that you don't have to open every email in a thread 
but if you do not, then there is no reason for having a thread. That is what 
makes this reflector so nice is that you can discuss things.  If you cannot 
open every thread then that ends the discussion.
Why should things become personal when they can be kept on a technical level 
even if there is major disagreement.  I have argued topics on this list nad 
haven't "come to blows with anyone.

Billy Dean Ward
Moderator of RF_Intensive_Study_Group

>From: "K0PZ" <K0PZ@MHO.COM>
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>Subject: RE: [AMPS] Nobody needs to go!
To: <>
>Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 15:01:10 -0600
>No one needs to go.
>There are a lot of opinionated persons on this reflector.
>They have many different views of the same subject or problem.
>NO one is always right. That's just life.
>The one most important thing about the different views expressed here,
>is they inspire research. When very different views are expressed
>about a common subject, then I do some research on my own.
>I have learned a lot from this group. I have also relearned a few
>things that I forgot. Treat this forum just like life, sift through
>the B/S and learn from others. Share your knowledge with others.
>Robert J Smith  KOPZ
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