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[AMPS] Nobody needs to go!

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Subject: [AMPS] Nobody needs to go!
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Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 08:57:43 -0700
>Why can hams not totally disagree with each other and still be totally 
>friendly? Someone said that you don't have to open every email in a thread 
>but if you do not, then there is no reason for having a thread. 

//  If there are a number of people contributing to a thread, one person 
who isn't reading everything matters little.   

>That is what 
>makes this reflector so nice is that you can discuss things.  If you cannot 
>open every thread then that ends the discussion.

//  I tend to not open a thread that is about a subject of which I know 

>Why should things become personal when they can be kept on a technical level 
>even if there is major disagreement.  

//  Because some folks don't like to be exposed for talking through their 

> I have argued topics on this list nad 
>haven't "come to blows with anyone.
//  Have you ever argued against  expert technoblather?

cheers, Billy Dean
>>From: "K0PZ" <K0PZ@MHO.COM>
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>>Subject: RE: [AMPS] Nobody needs to go!
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>>Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 15:01:10 -0600
>>No one needs to go.
>>There are a lot of opinionated persons on this reflector.
>>They have many different views of the same subject or problem.
>>NO one is always right. That's just life.
>>The one most important thing about the different views expressed here,
>>is they inspire research. When very different views are expressed
>>about a common subject, then I do some research on my own.
>>I have learned a lot from this group. I have also relearned a few
>>things that I forgot. Treat this forum just like life, sift through
>>the B/S and learn from others. Share your knowledge with others.
>>Robert J Smith  KOPZ
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