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Subject: [AMPS] Nobody needs to go!
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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 18:27:02 -0700
>No one needs to go.
>There are a lot of opinionated persons on this reflector.
>They have many different views of the same subject or problem.
>NO one is always right. That's just life.

//  Part of the problem may be reluctance in admitting that one erred.  
At times it seems that there are some whose fathers told them that an 
error does not count unless you admit to it publicly.  

>The one most important thing about the different views expressed here,
>is they inspire research. 

//  Indeed.  When an expert member of AMPS said that Cu-strap grounding a 
grid, instead of grounding it through capacitors (SB-220, L-4B)  - 
increased resonant frequency, I decided to try it.  However, a dipmeter 
showed that resonance decreased a couple of MHz with strap grounding.  
When I reported this finding, it was dismissed out of hand by the expert. 
 Does +XL cancel -XC?

>When very different views are expressed
>about a common subject, then I do some research on my own.
>I have learned a lot from this group. I have also relearned a few 
>things that I forgot. Treat this forum just like life, sift through
>the B/S and learn from others. Share your knowledge with others.
//  However, Bandini works wonders when spread around rose bushes in 
early Spring.  
cheers, Robert

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