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[AMPS] Noises in electrolytic capacitors

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Subject: [AMPS] Noises in electrolytic capacitors
From: (Vic Rosenthal)
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 09:55:36 -0700
2 (Rich) wrote:

> //  (ref SB-1000 and AL-80 owners' manuals)
> When challenged on his assertion that the 3-500Z was re-rated by Eimac
> for 500mA 

I don't know why this keeps coming up, but the SB-1000 and AL80B manuals talk
about running the plate current up to 500 ma for a short period during tuning
only, so that you can tune the tank for the peak conditions that will occur
during SSB use.  They specifically say that you should reduce drive in CW to
give you 400 ma., and make reasonabale statements about the meter swing you
should expect on SSB.

Vic, K2VCO
Fresno CA

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