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Subject: [AMPS] 3-500Z
From: baycock@HIWAAY.NET (Bill Aycock)
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 13:29:50 -0500
At 10:55 AM 9/28/01 -0700, you wrote:
>What, exactly, is the issue?  Does Eimac even still manufacture a 3-500Z?
The issue is ONLY that Rich brings up anything bad he can direct at Tom,
given the slightest excuse. The question was about Capacitors, and
equalizing resistors, and Rich had no clear defense for his position (or he
would have given it) so- as unsual, he attacked ages old imaginary slights
as a diversion and as revenge for old scores.

Both the subjects he brought up have been covered here, but he refuses to
admit it.

He is an obsessed person, who (long ago) had a lot to give the community,
but, now, cannot be believed on any technical subject because his motives
are always suspect. One doesn't know if he has a valid position, or is just
trying to hit out to make someone else look bad. His normal reply is
usually cryptic, making little sense.

Too bad.

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